'And here you are living despite it all.'

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) comes with a range of symptoms that can have a dramatic effect on many aspects of your life and relationships. Onset usually occurs during young adulthood.

A diagnosis for borderline personality disorder is made through an evaluation process. Therapy is the primary treatment used for those with borderline personality disorder. Treatment for borderline personality disorder focuses on emotional acceptance, mindfulness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance. Controlling impulses and emotions seems impossible when you are suffering from this disorder, but with regular counseling, you will learn how to regulate them. Once you can identify and manage your triggers, intense emotional shifts, and reactions, you’ll be better equipped to lead a healthy life, with positive relationships.

Typical symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder include:

  • Major shifts in mood and intense emotional episodes
  • Chronic feelings of emptiness
  • Intense fear of abandonment, separation, or rejection
  • Explosive anger
  • Unstable and negative relationships, or a series of rapid and volatile relationships
  • Impulsive behaviour, excessive risk-taking, and self-sabotaging tendencies or self-harming behaviours
  • Rapid changes in self-identity or self-image
  • Paranoia and sometimes dissociation