Your weekend has come and gone which brings forth the ever dreaded Monday morning. For many people it is difficult to get up, get motivated and transition back into the workweek. For others it is getting back on track with the diet and exercise they excused themselves from over the weekend. There are worries of work to catch up on, uncompleted tasks, errands to run, and the feeling of despair and longing until your next weekend arrives.

Monday’s can seem incredibly overwhelming as we try schedule, plan and set goals for the week. It is a slow transition into productivity which feels like pushing a car through mud. Change this by identifying Sunday as the start of your week. That means when you say things like “I’ll start on Monday” whatever it is your trying to accomplish then begins Sunday. Dieting and exercise are perfect examples of this, how many times have you heard people in your life say I will start my diet/exercise again from Monday. When you shift your mindset on the start of the week, you are taking one day of procrastination and excuses out of your schedule and turning it into a positive.

Of course you want to enjoy your Sunday and you do not want to be working. However, take some time during the day on Sunday (not the evening) to plan your week, identify what is it you would like to do, work on and accomplish that week. Treat Sunday as a day to embrace the start of your week. When Sunday comes wake up the same time you would on Monday and ease into your day without feeling pressure of the morning rush. In doing this the start of your week may seem relaxing, while at the same time enjoying time with family or friends. It would also be helpful to accomplish some smaller tasks that make you feel productive before work begins. By accomplishing tasks you have already built momentum before Monday arrives and therefore Monday just becomes a day for building on the momentum from Sunday.

Instead of feeling like you have been hit by a truck at the start of your week on a Monday, embrace the lazy Sunday as an awesome alternative to how you view the start of your week.

There is an abundance of possibilities when it comes to finding ways to shift the start of your week from Monday to Sunday. You have to find the ones that work for you. If you like this idea and have any suggestions I would love to hear some feedback in the comments section below.