What does my first visit look like?

It’s not easy coming in and booking a session to do counselling with someone you’ve never met before, but I hope and want to make your first visit as smooth and comfortable as possible. In your first visit, we will go over a few intake and consent forms and I will start off by discussing with you, your goals for counselling and what positive changes you are looking to make in your life. There is no pressure to talk about anything you may not be ready to talk about, many first sessions are focused on gaining insight and background information. My goal in the first session is to build a rapport with you, as a solid trusting relationship between client and therapist is key to successful counselling.

If you are feeling unsure about booking an appointment, I invite you to give me a call for no charge at all, so that we can discuss confidentially if counselling may be right for you. You are welcome to call with any general questions you may have.

It is really important, when working with any psychologist that there is a clear understanding of what is going on with your mental health. In one of your initial sessions, we will go through some screening questionnaires which helps give you and I a greater understanding of your mental health and any symptoms that may be associated with it.

I provide individual counselling for both adults and adolescents. Each session lasts 50 minutes. Longer sessions may be booked if need be.

I provide couples counselling. My goal in working with couples is to work with you and your goals. For each couple, goals may be different whether it is strengthening your relationship, managing a separation or resolving conflict.